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June 21, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Top 10 Most Viewed Europeana Objects for May

Here are the 10 most viewed Europeana objects for the month of May:

1. As usual: Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer:
Meisje met de parel

2. ‘The pendant of the jumping horse’: This is one of the first items shown when people click on the timeline view without entering any keywords:
La pendeloque au cheval sautant

3. Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, another one of the highlights we show on the ‘About Us’ page:
Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica / 1

4. The first surprise of this month: a picture of Willy Stähle, a Dutch water-skier from the 1980s. She was featured in a historic sports documentary (‘Andere Tijden Sport‘) that aired 19th of June, so why she was already so prominent in May, I don’t know:
Nationale waterski-kampioenschappen op de Bosbaan, Willy Stahle (kop)

5. The illustrations of an 18th Century text on comets ‘Die Wunder Gottes in der Natur, ben Erscheinung der Cometen…’ by Cour. Wolff. Lycosthenes:
[Illustrations de Die Wunder Gottes in der Natur, ben Erscheinung der Cometen...] / [Non identifié] ; Cour. Wolff. Lycosthenes, aut. de texte

6. A sculpture by Pablo Picasso:
La guenon et son petit

7. A sculpture by Bugatti, ‘Jeune Fille Nue’:
Jeune fille nue ; Nu assis (Ancien titre)

8. A diamond, ‘Le Grand Sancy’ (never new the word diamond was masculin, you learn something every day). It is interesting not as much as an object, but rather for its provenance: “Acquired by Nicolas Harley de Sancy, Superintendent of Finance of Henry IV, sold to James I of England (1604), then Mazarin (1657), bequeathed to Louis XIV (1661)”:
Diamant le Grand Sancy

9. A Spanish surgical textbook form the 1890s:
Noticia descriptiva y extracto del reglamento [Texto impreso]

10. A French WWII propaganda poster, issued by de Gaulle’s Free French army:
Un seul combat pour une seule patrie




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  1. Marc / Jun 26 2011 20:43

    Some info on ‘surprise’ hit Willy Stähle (born 1953):

    World champion waterskiing (trick) in 1971 (and third in 1973).
    Probably the promo for the television (will be aired today June 26th btw) was already shown several times in May. In 1971-1974, about the entire male population of the Netherlands was in love with Willy Stähle. Hence the large amount of ‘do you remember ….’ internet hits, I suppose.
    Tragically Willy got paralyzed (spinal chord lesion) in 1983 after an accident with parachute jumping.

    Here’s the promo for the tv broadcast ‘Verliefd op Willy Stähle” (In love with Willy Stähle):


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