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July 19, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Tour de France finishes

On the 19th of July –

In 1903 the first edition of the Tour de France ended in a victory for Maurice Garin, with a 6 hour lead after 6 stages in 18 days with a total length of 2428 km.

Here he is (second from left) in a group of Tour laureates photographed in 1954:
Oud renners in de Tour de France '54. Thys, Garin, De Fraye, Lambot, R. Maes, Vanden Stuyft, Leon Scieur

And here is a video of a reenactment of the first ever ‘départ’ in 1903, staged in 1953 at the 50 year anniversary (not the 50th tour – WWI intervened):

This poster celebrates the centennial in 2003 (the 90th Tour because by now also WWII had intervened…)
Centenaire du Tour de France 1903-2003. 90e Tour de France du 5 au 27 juillet 2003


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