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July 26, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Eva Peron dies

On the 26th of July –

in 1952 Eva Peron dies or cancer, aged 33, in Argentina. As a young actress she met and fell in love with then-vice president Peron. In the 8 years of their marriage, 7 of which he was president, she did much for the Argentinian working class and poor. She was hated and feared by the priviliged classes, but loved by the people. Her life and death inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to one of their greatest works of art – the musical Evita.

Eva Peron naar ziekenhuis
Funérailles d'Eva Peron
Rapport politique n°10.

And David Essex, who featured in this blog earlier this week, also played in a stage production of Evita.

Madonna played Eva Peron in the Alan Parker movie based on Evita:

We have a number of edition of the big hit from Evita – Don’t Cry for me Argentina. By far the weirdest nicest one is this rendition on a harp:
Don't Cry For Me Argentina


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