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July 28, 2011 / jmeuropeana

plane crashes into Empire State Building

On the 28th of July –

in 1945 a B-52B–25 bomber on its way to Newark airport got lost in thick fog and found itself in the centre of Manhatten. The pilot managed to avoid collisions with several skyscrapers, but in th end hit the Empire State Building. A total of 11 people, including the 3 crewmen, were killed.
Buildings of Disaster (série)/ Empire State

This is a curious 1943 film about the Empire State Building window cleaner – I hope he wasn’t working in 1945…:
Le laveur de carreaux

And here is the Empire State Building in Lego:
Hele steden van plastic (speelgoed), model Empire State Building

Other Manhattan plane-skyscraper collisions include the 40 Wall Street crash of 1946, the Belaire Building crash of 2006 and of course the Twin Towers terrorist attacks on “9/11” in 2001.



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  1. Winn Turney / Jul 29 2011 20:43

    It was a B-25 not a B-52.

  2. jmeuropeana / Aug 1 2011 08:42

    Thanks Winn, I’ve corrected it.

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