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July 31, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Clown Popov is born

On the 31st of July –

Oleg Popov, Russian circus clown, is born in Moscow in 1930. More than any other circus performer, he became the face of the Moscow State Circus.
Affiche voor de film Le Nouveau Cirque De Moscou 1958 - Het Nieuwe Cirkus van Moskou 1958
Affiche voor het Circus van Moskou

Popov features in this clip about the Moscow Circus:
Les bacheliers du cirque

De clown Popov voor theater Carré

Clown Popov in aktie, Moskou

As a loyal Soviet citizen and ‘People’s Artist of the USSR’ he also performed during the Dutch protests against the introduction of the Neutron Bomb in 1979:
Culturele manifestatie tegen neutronenbom in RAI in Amsterdam; Russische clown Oleg Popov tijdens optreden


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