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August 8, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Graf Zeppelin leaves for round-the-world trip

On the 8th of August –

The German dirigible (great word!) Graf Zeppelin leaves for a round-the-world trip in 1929.
On the 17th of September the airship returned back in Germany – the actual ’round the world’ trip started and ended at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey, USA, at the behest of main sponsor William Randolph Hearst, and took about 21 days.
Ankunft des Zeppelin-Luftschiffes LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin über Ottensen am 17. September 1929 um 18:12 Uhr

The airship’s commander Dr. Hugo Eckener later appeared in advertising to promote German manufacturing:
Dr. Hugo Eckener, Zeppelin Commander chinesischer Text: Hergestellt in Deutschland bedeutet Qualität! Die halbjährlich stattfindenden Leipziger Messen Anfang März und Ende August;Plakat
This ad must have been produced before 1933, when Dr. Eckener was declared a ‘persona non grata’ for his anti-nazi stance.

The Graf Zeppelin as a prototype for a new means of intercontinental transport had a very elegant interior:

A commemorative coin was issued after the round-the-world trip:
Weimarer Republik: 1929 Graf Zeppelin

Later the Graf Zeppelin would make other daring trips, including one to the North Pole:


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