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August 24, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft is founded

On the 24th of August –

The German literary and linguistic society Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft was founded in Weimar in 1617. Its aims were to standardise the German laguage and to promote its as a vernacular language in scholarly works, literature and commerce.
(note: usually I link to the English wikipedia pages, but in view of the Gesellschaft’s objectives, I’ve linked to the German Version).

Teutleben, Kaspar von
Kaspar von Teutleben was the initiator of the society.

Kurtzer Bericht Von der Fruchtbringenden Geselschaft Vorhaben/ auch dero Namen/ Gemählde und Wörter : In Achtzeilige Reimgesetze verfasset

Disquisitio Historica de Societate Fructifera der Frucht-bringenden Gesellschafft


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