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November 15, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Top 10 most viewed Europeana objects for October

OK, we’re getting closer to the here and now. In October, to be precise on the 11th, we launched a major update to the Europeana portal. We have already seen quite a marked efect on the time people spend on the site and the number of pages they view. Has this also had an effect on what the most popular items are? Let’s see:

1. polished green basalt axe, 3400-2250 BCE, has dethroned the Girl with a Pearl Earring:
Hacha pulimentada

2. a news report on the release of the original MacBook, featuring Steve Jobs:
Sortie de l'ibook de macintosh

3. City of London map, 1633 :
the Cittie of London 31

4. Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer
Meisje met de parel
yes, she is still in the top 10. However, this was just the traffic to her from before the 11th, so I would expect her not to reappear in the Top 10 for November. The reason is that her popularity had a lot to do with her being featured as one of the best examples of the masterpieces in Europeana on our ‘About Us’ pages. Another object featured there was Newton’s Principia. Since the launch they are no longer shown there, and we now feature a group of about 30 top items on the homepage. I would expect to start seeing some of them in the Top 10 over the next months. Which reminds me – we should include the Girl and the Principia in the list of featured items.

5. Le Partage de la Pologne, Theophilus Lindsey, 1775 :
Le Partage de la Pologne
(interesting thumbnail)

6. Slovník česko-cikánský a cikánsko-český jakož i cikánsko-české pohádky a povídky, Josef Ješina, a Czech-Gipsy dictionary :
Slovník česko-cikánský a cikánsko-český jakož i cikánsko-české pohádky a povídky

7. an image of the Revolution in Warsaw in november 1830:
Revolution in Warschau am 30ten Nov. 1830 : Die Russischen Garden werden von den Rebellen aus der Stadt vertrieben und mehr denn 6 Tausend Menchen in einer Nacht ermordet [Dokument ikonograficzny]

8. an image of the door of the 18th c. Carmo Church in Porto, by Robert Smith (photographer) :
Igreja do Carmo, Porto

9. sheet music for ‘Beautiful Wales, Part 08’, J.R. Thomas (composer), 1870 :
Beautiful Wales part 08

Strangely enough this is the back cover of the music score (part 08 here means page 8). The first page would give a much nicer thumbnail:
Beautiful Wales part 01

10. A Map of the Isle of Sheppey, Robert Lythe (cartographer), 1574:
A Map of the Isle of Sheppey


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