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December 14, 2011 / jmeuropeana

Roald Amundsen and his team reach the South Pole

On the 14th of December –

In the middle of the Arctic summer, In 1910 Roald Amundsen and his team (Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, and Oscar Wisting) reach the geographic South Pole. In collective memory, his competitor Scott usually gets more recognition. Scott reached the pole a few weeks later, and died on his way back to the Antarctic coast. Amundsen’s expidition was later criticized for just getting to the pole and back, rather than doing extensive surveying, as Scott did. I find this an interesting way of looking at the world: focus and success appear to be worth less than fuzziness and failure.

Here are some images of Amundsen and his expedition:

This is the iconic photograph of Amundsen and his team looking at the Norwegian flag at the South Pole:
Roald Amundsen (geheel links) en enkele leden van zijn expeditie hebben voor het eerst in de geschiedenis van de mensheid de Zuidpool bereikt en groeten de Noorse vlag die in de barre ijswind wappert


Amundsen’s ship the Fram:
Colin Archer-skøyta "Fram" ved Baalerud

One of Amundsen’s expedition team members, Oscar Wisting:

An English translation of Amundsens own account of the expedition:
The South pole; an account of the Norwegian Antarctic expedition in the "Fram," 1910-1912, by Roald Amundsen; tr. from the Norwegian by A.G. Chater. With maps and numerous illustrations. Volume 1


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